The “NUKURA” New Year fair of handicraft and natural products will be held in the city of Bishkek from 15 to16 of December. The event is organized by the Bishkek Business Club in partnership with the Craft Council of Kyrgyzstan, CMC Daairy, the association “Alai Ishker Ayimdary” and the NGO Agrarian Platform of Kyrgyzstan. The event will be supported by the NICE-TAK project, funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany.

These days, some of the best Kyrgyz artisans, together with representatives of Kyrgyz organic production companies, will present their unique and natural products to visitors.

The fair will feature products from 50 companies: 30 artisans – members of craft organizations, and 20 companies – members of the NGO Agrarian Platform of Kyrgyzstan.

New Year’s gifts from felt and ceramics, interior items, national drinks, as well as organic products: honey, jam, bakery products, fresh vegetables and fruits will be presented at the fair.

In addition, the event will be accompanied by practical workshops from manufacturers, product tasting, a concert program, sweepstakes and quizzes, and educational lectures on healthy eating and bio-products.

Information: for the development of the New Year collection, the NICE-TAK project has provided the 30 artisans  with consultations led by Nargiz Chynalieva, a leading artist and designer, has developed in tight cooperation with these artisans their  New Year’s series of collections of felt, ceramics, wood and leather.

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